What I’ve learned in Elizabeth Miller 5 days free English course.

In my job as virtual professional (VP) i need to have a good command in English both in writing and in speaking. You may be wondering what is a Virtual Professional VP is? Virtual professionals are a another term for Virtual Assistant. Virtual Assistants are those people that are working from home. We were compared to a […]

Basic Navigation-Quickbooks online 2016

Are you a bookkeeper or accountant who wants to learn QuickBooks online and you don’t know where to begin? I suggest you go try the demo company for QuickBooks. https://qbo.intuit.com/redir/testdrive. You can edit the transaction on this demo company. This is a great way for you to familiarize yourself with the functions and features. I also […]


How to improve your typing skills?

If you think you are not fast enough in terms of typing data, then you can start practicing your typing skills. You may try different kinds of website that gives you the chance to practice  like http://www.typingtest.com/. Here’s my score. How about you?  


Last August, i took the inbound certification of Hubspot. I’m proud to say that i did renew it yesterday. The Inbound Certification course features twelve classes. You watch on demand and at your own pace. It helps me to refresh things about the inbound methodology. On looking for the big picture of how inbound can help them […]



2 years ago, i posted all my contents on my wordpress blog. And i as my career and skills grows. I also wanted to level so i can give my client more. Below is my old wordpress blog.  I decided not to combine my old blog to this new one. I love to see my […]