Logitech H151 headset Product Review – Is it working with Mac?

If you are looking for an affordable noise-canceling over-the-ear headphone then this Logitech H151 Product review is right for you.

I’m looking for a headset that is affordable with noise canceling feature. Luckily, I found this Logitech H151 headset. I saw Logitech H151 review but I can’t find one that says its compatible with Mac.

I bought it Logitech H151 last week. Surprisingly it works with my Mac Book Pro and my Android Phone. I’m very much happy with this product.


  1. Stereo Sounds – Clear audio for Music, game, and calls
  2. Rotating Microphone  180 degrees -Boom can rotate 180 degrees to be worn on the left or right. It has a flexible mic can be positioned for better voice capture and background noise cancellation.
  3. In-line controls. Adjust volume or mute your calls with simple controls.
  4. Adjustable headbands. Lightweight headband with swivel mounted foam ear cushions provides hours of comfort.

My Verdict


Logitech H151 is Working with Mobile phone, laptop windows and in Mac.
Very lightweight. It was not hurting my ears.
My client can hear me well.
Affordable and Pretty decent.


Not really noise cancellation but more of noise reduction. (It’s very cheap so I don’t really expect high on it)
You can hear a hissing sound when recording
Above all, I love the product with its price reasonable. I’m totally recommending it except for those who are in online tutoring job and customer service. I really advise you to invest in a high-end Headset like Plantronics. But if you are out of the budget. You might want to try this Logitech H151 until you can get a means to buy a better one.

PRICE: P700.00

WHERE TO BUY: Nearest Mall in your area or Computer Dealers and Stores. I bought mine in PC Express. You can also find it on Lazada


If you are using a pc and you need a headset with 2 jacks. You might want to consider Logitech H150

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