How to add additional clock in windows?

I had this odd experience early this morning. I had an interview with one of my clients based in the US. As a virtual assistant, we usually held our interview via skype.

Now here, the things.  We scheduled our interview Monday, October 17, Monday 5:00 pm UTC-7. I was aware that we have the different time zone. If will convert that in Manila time UCT+8, that would be October 18, Tuesday 8: am in the morning.

Ok so here’s the thing, prepare everything. I set up my background to become neat and clean. I test out my webcam and headset. Put on some lipstick. Yes, you hear it right. I need to put makeup on, Just a bit. So, I would be presentable in front of a video interview.

I was waiting for him. After half an hour, he was not sending me any call.

I asked myself what went wrong. Well, I realize that today is actually Monday (Manila time).

I’m so excited maybe the dates get out of my mind. I started to laugh.

What I immediately do? I search the internet for possible desktop clock application I can use so I won’t forgot dates and times. A way to add an additional clock on my computer. And I find a solution.

So here what I’ve searched. How to add additional clock  with different timezone in your window 7.

So let’s go on to the tutorial.

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